Temple For Us

by The Ivory Sons

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Temple For Us is the second single from our forthcoming full-length album.


Won't you take my hand
I'll take you to
A place where birds are singin
And the sky is blue
And I promise that I will take real good care of you
You see the world out there's a scary place
Full of dirty sinners and a human race
That's probably already dug itself halfway to hell

But there is only one thing that I ask
It's that you promise me not to tell
That I have already dug all of us
Halfway there as well
And now you're saying I'm a thorn in your side
But try not to forget
That I can see your body shaking at the end of my bayonet

Excuse me sir
You promised me
A place to build a home for my family
And now I'm fearing for all of our safety
He said don't trust nobody
Just trust in me
And I will fill your cup when you get thirsty
But I will cut you like a sword if you try to hide

And I could tell by the look in his eyes
We're not coming out alive
And I'll be lucky if I get to see
Another sun rise
And now he's telling us it's time to go
Come on!
Drink up!

My God
what have I done?

Don't turn around
I got your letter last night
I came to take you away from this place
But we've gotta run
They're right behind us now
And who they are
I still don't know

But I don't think they are our friends


released September 9, 2016
Written and Performed by: The Ivory Sons

At: The Legendary Noise Floor, Baton Rouge L.A.



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The Ivory Sons New Orleans, Louisiana

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